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Top 3 Home Renovation Projects

Home Renovations, East Stroudsburg, PA The primary reason why homeowners take up renovation projects is to upgrade their properties before putting them up on the market. Many people often believe that home renovations will instantly result in higher selling prices.

However, in most cases, these significant renovations usually don't pay for themselves. There are several ways you can effectively add value to your property. All you need to make are a few smart decisions regarding what spaces of your property need an upgrade. At JP Construction Management we handle all types of big and small home renovation works. Here's a list of the top 3 home renovations projects:

Bathroom Renovation

Although renovating your bathroom will take considerable time and money, it pays off in the long run. You can spend anywhere between a few thousand dollars to upgrade your existing bathroom and hundreds of thousands of dollars to design a new one. Opting for selections that match your routines and lifestyle is the key to making the right upgrades. It could range from anything to a new bathtub, a wall niche to keep shampoos, or two sinks, for that matter. You should consider your storage requirements and daily routine while focusing on functionality.

Kitchen Renovation

Whether you have considered replacing a few cabinets or carrying out a complete makeover of your kitchen, you must first ensure that it takes place in a stress-free and efficient manner. Like any major renovation project, you should expect a certain level of disruption. Most kitchen remodels can take anywhere between 6-8 weeks for medium-sized kitchens. However, if any structural work needs to be carried out, it can take up to 12 weeks; this doesn't include the initial planning and design stages.

Consider finalizing the entire layout before you hire professionals. It's best to have everything laid out to avoid significant changes once the work commences. Make a note of all your specifications before contacting a kitchen design company. Remember that you will use this space every day, making it crucial to ensure that the layout is perfect.

Basement Renovation

To ensure that your basement is livable, you need to consider the needs of those who will be utilizing it, mainly in terms of lighting and ventilation. This is particularly true if your layout is for constant use. Whether you’re still in the planning phase or the project has already begun, it's crucial to understand what you want the final product to be. Basements can be used for various purposes.

For instance, you can turn it into a workshop, a home theatre, a family room, an individual apartment, a storage space, or a bedroom. However, efficiency should be the primary focus in arranging this area. It's best to make the most of it if you're using this space.

Your basement renovation is often inspired by a clear direction of what you expect to achieve. Decor magazines, Pinterest, and computer-aided design software are great places to get ideas for your home renovation project.

Make a list of your requirements and consult with experts like us at JP Construction Management at 570-420-7711 to see if they are realistic. You can also send us your queries via this Contact Us form.

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