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Remodeling to Increase Home Value: Tips to Consider

Home Remodeling, East Stroudsburg, PA Before committing to a remodel, it's wise to calculate the return on investment (ROI) versus the project's total cost. To that end, what home renovations will bring home the best returns on investment for homeowners? Professionals at JP Construction Management have compiled the following list of helpful tips:

Consider Additions

Additions can significantly increase a home's resale value and provide much-needed more room for living. It is essential to make smart investments by picking materials and accents that will give your home character and increase its worth. Adding floor space to your house can be a value addition, whether it's an extra bedroom, a bigger living room, or some other kind of expansion.

Remodel Your Kitchen

A well-designed, fully functional kitchen is essential for making the most of the heart of the home. The process can be thrilling and rewarding when your kitchen remodel is tailored to your specific wants and needs. When selling a property, homeowners can recoup as much as 52% of the money spent on a kitchen remodel, according to real estate experts.

Consider A Bathroom Remodel

One of the best ways to increase a home's value is to remodel the bathrooms. Go for smooth surfaces that shine and are easy to clean. Realtors believe homeowners may recoup up to 57% of the cost of a bathroom remodel when selling their property.

Don't Forget Your Outdoor Living Spaces

The ability to host events outside is unparalleled. Your home's worth will increase significantly, becoming a prime gathering spot with a remodeled outdoor living area. There are many options for sprucing up your outside space, whether you have a limited or unlimited budget. Add an outdoor kitchen, a fire feature, and a water feature. Build seating walls and well-designed planters and install outdoor lighting.

More Home Remodeling Tips

While choosing the right improvements is crucial, it's even more important to keep a few other aspects in view, such as:

  • While creating distinctive spaces, avoid specific design eccentricities, as that may not always be what potential buyers look for.
  • Use subtle shades and pops of color to highlight spaces.
  • Always invest in suitable quality materials and products as that will improve the space's durability, aesthetic, and longevity, adding value to your home.
  • Work with proven home improvement professionals who will work with you and offer customized services within your budget.

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